Hire A Lawyer Who Gets To Know Your Family

If your child has a disability interfering with his or her education, he or she may be eligible for special education services under federal and Georgia law. As an experienced education law attorney, I am passionate about helping you identify and advocate for the services your child needs.

An Experienced Voice Helping You Navigate The 504 Plan And IEP Process

Children who are eligible for special education services from their physical or mental disabilities may need either a 504 Plan or an Individualized Education Program (IEP). These specify how your child's education will differ from their classmates. Every step of this process raises important questions and parents often feel overwhelmed. As an education law attorney, I am committed to helping you navigate these questions so you can make the best choices for your child -- from eligibility testing to writing the 504 Plan or IEP and beyond.

I serve as my clients' primary representative during the 504 plan and IEP process, working alongside a special education advocate if you choose to use one. These discussions can get very emotional. I will facilitate a civil discussion that keeps your child's needs at the forefront even when disagreements between parents, teachers and administrators require tough negotiating skills or possible legal action.