About Raegan M. King

I am the founder of The Law Office of Raegan M. King, LLC. I have been practicing law in Georgia and the U.S. Virgin Islands since I graduated from Harvard Law School in 2006.

I have a lifelong love of learning, and I am committed to helping your child love learning, too. I've been immersed in the education world since I was a student at Georgia Tech, where I studied computer science with an emphasis on educational technologies. While at Harvard Law School, my studies focused on child advocacy law.

Having seen too many children receive inadequate services in my studies and my 10 years as a practicing education law attorney, I am dedicated to helping my clients and their children make the Atlanta area's school systems and Georgia's laws work for them.

Services For Students At Every Level

At The Law Office of Raegan M. King, LLC, I understand that every student has unique educational needs. Whether your child struggles to keep up in class or is gifted and requires greater challenge, I can help you communicate your needs to the school and get results.

A child's education can be hindered by many factors: a learning disability, a physical disability, autism, behavior disorders and a number of other challenges. Students living with these conditions might be eligible for special education services. I can help you get your child evaluated and create or modify a 504 plan or an individualized education program quickly and effectively.

I am committed to communicating with my clients frequently and directly: when you call my office, I'm the one answering the phone. I take the time to get to know my clients and their unique needs, which in turn helps me create a connection between parents and a school's representatives.

When I am not practicing law, I also enjoy cooking, scuba diving, dancing, watching sports, and scouting out new restaurants in and around Atlanta.

A Lawyer Who Gets To Know Her Clients

Don't get lost in the bureaucracy of a large law firm - hire a lawyer who knows your name and the details of your case. To see how I can help you, schedule a free consultation by contacting me online or calling 678-217-5555.