"I had the opportunity to work with attorney King on two separate occasions, she handled my child support hearing in Fulton County as well as my custody/modification case in Cobb County. The thing I appreciated the most was the fact that she would take the time to research case law that pertained to my situation and always came to court prepared.

Attorney King also had a knack for keeping me calm, the custody matter was extremely emotional for me and I would make decisions and lash out in the midst of that emotion. Those decisions might not have necessarily been in mine or my child's best interest. As my attorney she allowed me to vent and get through my emotional meltdowns, bring me back to reality and move forward rationally with the case.

Although she is soft spoken and courteous she certainly did not back down against opposing counsel who was quite loud and brash, she never once got in the mud with opposing counsel. At the end of it all we came out on the side of victory, lies pertaining to income were exposed and what was in the best interest of my child prevailed."

— Happy Client