How A Lawyer Can Help With Your Child's IEP

Many IEPs are written without the assistance of an attorney, so it's fair to wonder: Why hire a lawyer for your IEP? There are many good reasons to seek the services of an education attorney, depending on the specific details of your child's case. But in every case, The Law Office of Raegan M. King, LLC, brings 10 years of experience to the table and can help you decide with confidence when your child's school is meeting its legal obligations at the federal level and here in Georgia.

Parents are often their children's best advocates, but your love for your child can also make it difficult to stay objective when you and the school disagree on the details of an IEP. If your child attends a school in or near Atlanta, I can serve as your representative and help keep the discussion on track.

Protect Your Child's Civil Rights

If your child is living with a disability, he or she is a member of a historically marginalized class whose civil rights still frequently require active legal protection. Even when a school's representatives truly have your child's best interests in mind, the cost of some special education services creates an incentive to provide fewer services when possible. A lawyer can help you recognize when the school is cutting corners and when it is making reasonable accommodations in the eyes of the law.

Besides keeping your child's school accountable, I can help you:

  • Make sure the school follows the proper processes
  • Request extended school year services for students whose abilities backslide over summer vacation
  • Request a hearing with the Georgia Department of Education if you are unsatisfied with your child's current IEP
  • Preserve your relationship with the school by pushing hard on certain provisions so you don't have to
  • Get special education services for high-functioning autistic students and others who are getting by but not thriving

Get Forward Movement On Your IEP

Every case is different, but at The Law Office of Raegan M. King, LLC, I have a proven track record of helping parents get the IEPs they want for their children. Schedule a free consultation to see how I can help you, either by contacting me online or calling me at 678-217-5555.